Phishing Scams

Phishing, pronounced “fishing,” is the act of sending a false email claiming to be an established legitimate enterprise in an attempt to scam the recipient into surrendering private information that will be used for identity theft. The email directs the recipient to visit a web site where they are asked to update personal information, such as passwords, social security number, credit union account numbers – this is information that the legitimate organization already has.

DPFCU Members Cautioned Against Internet /E-mail/Phone Scams

This is an important security message from Dakota Plains Federal Credit Union. Protecting your privacy and security is a priority for us.

Please observe the following tips for safeguarding your financial information:

  • DO NOT share banking account information or credit/debit card numbers, PIN’s, passwords or your Social Security number with ANYONE that you did not contact yourself.
  • DO NOT respond to unsolicited cell phone text messages.
  • DO NOT click on links in unsolicited e-mail messages.

Remember, we at Dakota Plains Federal Credit Union will never contact you and ask for your personal financial information. If you have any doubt regarding any request for information on your account here, please contact us directly at 605-374-3380.

Dakota Plains List of Services

Did you know that Dakota Plains Federal Credit Union Provides a list of great services? Just in case you don’t remember all the great benefits we can provide to our members here is a list.

Cashier’s Checks

Guaranteed check issued against money taken from a member’s account or against cash provided for this purpose.

Money Orders

Order for a max of $1000 sum of money purchased with cash that can be used to make payments.

VISA® Gift Cards

Card that has been pre-paid for purchases. A small fee applies.

VISA®/Merchant Program

If you are a business and need your customers to have the convenience of charging to a credit card or debit card this is the program for you.

Notary Services

Services that are provided in each branch office, free to our members. A nominal fee may apply for non-members.

Fax Services

Services that are provided in each branch office, a nominal fee may apply.

Credit Life and Disability Insurance

Available for consumer, commercial and agriculture loans. Please ask your loan officer for details.

NADA Quotations

Need the value of a used vehicle? Call one of our loan officers they will be more than happy to help you.

Night Depository

Can’t make it to the credit union during office hours? All of our offices have a safe and secure night deposit drop.

Coin Counting Service

If you have extra coin lying around bring it in. This service is free to our members, a nominal fee for non-members.

ACH Origination

Like the convenience of your monthly bills, payments and other items being paid automatically? We are set up to do that—contact us for the correct routing number and account number to make this a reality.

Telephone Transfer Funds

Need to transfer some funds, and you’re not around a computer? Call any of the offices; our friendly staff will be more than willing to help.

Contact Us

US Savings Bonds

Registered bond issued by the U.S. government in denominations of $50 to $10,000. It allows people to earn interest on the savings they entrust to the government in exchange for the bond.

Safe Deposit Boxes (Hettinger Office)

Keep those valuables such as jewelry, wills or documents, in a credit union safe deposit box. We have a small yearly fee for this service.

Direct Deposit

Want your payroll, or income tax return deposited directly into your account? Contact us for the correct routing number and account number to make this happen.

ACH Withdrawals

Need a payment set up to come out of your account automatically? Call our MSR/ACH specialist at 605-374-3380.

Wire Transfers

Need money transferred to another account, different state, or another city; wherever it may be our member service staff will be more than willing to help. This service does require a signature.

Western Union Wires

If you need money transferred out to be picked up at a Western Union location any where our member service staff will be more than willing to help. This service does require a signature.

Automatic (internal) Transfers

This service will save you an overdraft charge providing you have the funds available in your share savings account. Transfer money from one account to another such as from your checking to savings on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis to help you put funds away for a rainy day. For more details ask your Member Service Representative.

Online Banking

Service that is provided to all of our members. Follow the account log in on our home page to get signed up today. View your accounts, make transfers, and track your balance.

Online Account Logon

Online Bill Pay

Quick and convenient way to pay your bills without writing a check. (Some restrictions may apply)

Audio Response System (telephone teller) 1-800-445-0386

For account balances and account transfers you may call this number 24 hours.